Defatting beef processing

Get more yields out of your beef processing operation.

Whizard® Trimmers are the proven way to dramatically increase product yields and worker productivity.  For 70 years, Bettcher has been developing a wide array of trimmer sizes, blades, depth gauges and motors that allow us to offer practical, ergonomic, value-enhancing solutions for many beef trimming and pork defatting applications.  Click here to download a flyer of common Beef Trimming Applications.

We've even developed custom blades and parts for individual plants to help them meet profit goals for specific beef trimming and PORK processing applications.

Popular beef meat processing applications include defatting rounds, strips, ribeyes and sirloin butts, recovering lean from neck bones, backing heads, removing external fat, along with carcass hair and dirt removal.

Contact Bettcher, the world’s leading meat trimming equipment manufacturer, for all your beef processing needs. We can help you find new ways to improve your efficiency, ergonomics and profits.

Here are some examples of Whizard® Trimmer successful beef trimming and defatting applications:

Beef Strips

Eye of Round

Short Loins

Defat Strips

Skirt Meat

Lean Harvesting

Lean Recovery

Contamination Trim

Bone Removal

Head Lean Recovery

Neck Bone Lean Recovery

Top Upper Blade Trim

Beef Scapula Chips

Lean from Rib Caps

Beef Pectoral Meat

Hot Defatting

Feather Bones

Spinal Cord Removal