The DuraSift® "Brushless Blending" Difference: Better Quality, Productivity and Profits

DuraSift Brushless Blending BasketOne of the powerful performance features of the DuraSift® Breading Table is its brushless blending capability.

Not only does brushless blending give you a better quality finished product, it makes sifting and blending much easier on your employees and their daily work activities.

Best of all, the superior design of DuraSift improves productivity and adds more dollars in profit to your bottom line.


How Brushless Blending is Better

Example of Blending Brush.The DuraSift Breading Table features a stainless steel oscillating sifting, or blending basket instead of the brush, rod and stainless steel screen commonly found in other breading table designs.

This innovation, available only on DuraSift equipment, improves your ingredient sifting, blending – and profitability – in several important ways.


Tap into Efficiencies ... Save Ingredients Costs

The stainless steel oscillating filter basket on DuraSift machines allows the doughball collector to separate food particles and doughballs to recover more usable flour than ever before.

Equally important, the filter basket never loses efficiency due to wear.

In short, if you want an easier, cheaper and less labor-intensive sifting and blending process, you'll get just that with the DuraSift machine.

Contrast this with the inefficiencies and higher cost associated with brush, rod and stainless steel screens:

  • The brush is a wear part that typically needs to be replaced at least twice per year.
  • As the brush wears, it no longer makes good contact with the screen to break down doughballs and recover usable flour.
  • The brush bar does an ineffective job in cleaning the brush bristles.
  • When flour is poured onto a brush that has not been dried thoroughly, often the brush "gums up" like glue. As a result, the brush acts like an auger, pushing usable breading right into the doughball pan. The resulting flour waste can be extensive – and expensive!


Easy Cleaning

What good is a having better performing product if it's more labor-intensive to operate? Fortunately, that's not the case with the oscillating filter basket on DuraSift breading machines.

In fact, end-of-day cleaning of our machines is quick and easy, with fewer parts that need to be removed and sanitized.

Plus, drying is greatly simplified because the stainless steel basket dries far faster and more completely than the long-bristle brushes of the inferior brush, rod and screen designs.

The all-stainless steel construction of the DuraSift filter basket makes it a more sanitary choice for your kitchen – always a critical consideration in foodservice establishments.


Replacement Parts? What Replacement Parts?

Even if all of the product quality, labor-saving and sanitation attributes aren't enough to convince you of the superiority of DuraSift's brushless blending design ... how about saving significant money on wear parts?

The brush on those alternative rod and screen systems is a wear item that must be replaced at least twice per year. That alone makes the cost of ownership significantly higher when compared to the superior design and performance of the DuraSift breading table, which requires no replacement parts at all!