Locally Sourced Foods for Sensible Sustainability

As an example of Bettcher's commitment to the environment our Bettcher foodservice products make possible sustainability for breaded items in foodservice operations.  To serve breaded foods for baking or frying, many restaurants rely on heavily-packaged, frozen breaded items from food distributors.  To prepare these items, processors battered, bread and then par-fried to set the breading.  Before freezing, most  are blast-chilled, then bagged, boxed and put into a case.  Finally they are trucked from processor to distributor and finally to the local restaurant.

The Optimax Sustainability Model

breading_onion_ringsThe Bettcher Optimax® Breading Machine or the longer ABB (Automatic Batter Breader) provides a sustainable solution were a local restaurant can order fresh, never frozen, locally grown and processed meat, fish or produce. Then using the Optimax® breading equipment, they are fresh breaded on site.  Additionally, this efficient process is much less costly drastically reducing the food costs at a time when food inflation is out of control.  Plus, special recipes may be developed to delight your customers with fresh, unique breaded food. The Optimax® breading machine also extends the fryer oil life by almost 10%.

If the numbers aren’t enough to convince you, the flavor profile will. Customers feel better about freshly cooked products, but it is the taste that will keep them coming back.

Sustainable Benefits:
  • The freshest possible product.  Never frozen—you never know how old that frozen onion ring might be
  • Freezing may be completely eliminated
  • Reduced trucking, eliminating shipping from processor to distributor to your store
  • Less packaging
  • Origin of your food is known.  Makes it easy to source a local, organic, free-range chicken for an improved flavor profile
  • Labor efficient (vs. hand breading)
  • The Bettcher automatic batter-breading machine uses up to 40% less breading than when done by hand

Local Sourcing - Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

know-your farmer-usdaMany restaurant managers would like to take advantage of local sourced food programs like the USDA's Know Your Farmer. Know Your Food.  But how can you put this principle into action?  With space-saving, automated batter breading, equipment from Bettcher, we take the skill level down and the food quality UP. Here's how ... locally sourced meat or produce is shipped direct from the farmer and portioned before breading. The Bettcher Breading Machine takes two small bags of breading and mix approximately five liters of batter for the top conveyor. From there, simple turn on the machine and add product to the belt ...  the machine does the rest. While some products like onion rings might need a pre-dust, for many foods it is just that simple.  Some breaded items are best done at the beginning of the day and refrigerated, while other products, like chicken can be breaded on demand for the ultimate in fresh, great tasting foods. 

Further, Bettcher Breading Machines liberates managers from having to pay higher prices for pre-breaded frozen food items, allowing them instead to transition easily to locally grown, freshly breaded food items. In many cases you can save 40% to 50% in the cost of pre-breaded frozen product.  And this type of local sourcing becomes an additional menu-selling feature.