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The Right Lubricant Saves Money 
and Yields Great Results

The Superior Solution for Lubricating Trimmer Equipment and Parts in Meat and Food Processing Plants

It is essential to keep your Bettcher equipment properly lubricated to maintain peak performance and to extend tool life. If Whizard® Trimmers are not properly lubricated, it will affect the cutting efficiency of the tools. This reduced efficiency will affect the quality of the cutting action and reduce yield. In fact, using the wrong lubricant can cause vibration, poor performance and costly damage to the internal components.  And some lubricants may not even be approved for food-contact use.

Protect your equipment investment by using premium Bettcher lubricants.  When used properly, these specially formulated products actually improve performance and provides longer life.  


High-Performance, Hygienic, Safe

High-quality Bettcher lubricants are specially formulated for meat processing equipment and meet all H-1 requirements for food processing.  Quality lubricants from Bettcher Industries offer heat dissipation, wear protection, friction reduction and corrosion protection properties.  Choosing the correct lubricant for your equipment will ensure peak performance and maximum wear-life.

Whizard® Special Grease
Specifically formulated, food grade lubricant that delivers smooth performance for all Whizard Trimmer blades, housings, pinions, and to fill grease ups.  Whizard® Special Grease ensures peak performance and protection of high-speed Whizard® parts.

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WhiZLube™ Solid Lubricant
A heavy-duty, non-aerosol sanitary lubricant for flex shafts.  There’s no overspray with this version and unlike aerosol, it can be shipped internationally. Feel free to use WhiZLube on other equipment in your plant as well.
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WhiZLub Heavy-Duty Gel Lubricant

WhiZLube™ Spray Lubricant
A specially formulated, penetrating lubricant for Whizard® DuraFlex™ and DuraLite® flex shafts.  WhiZLube is a heavy-duty lubricating spray that is non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and ozone friendly.  Using an aerosol lubricant allows penetration into the windings and provides the advantage of treating several flex shafts at the same time.

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WhiZLube Penetrating Spray

MaxZLube™ Solid Lubricant
Get a high-performance lubricant that provides valuable protection for the high RPM parts found in air motors. This super-slick formula provides premium protection from friction, oxidation and high temperatures. This is the best lubricant for your AirMax® motor.  Don't settle for less!
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Max-Z-Lube High Performance Gel

Whizard Multipurpose Lubricating Oil
Specially formulated oil for air tools.  It's essential for adding protective lubrication to the AirMax motor, AirShirz® and all FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator).

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Lubricant Name Part Number H-1 Quantity Type Uses
Special Whizard® Grease 100608 Yes 8 oz. Tube Solid Lubricant
(Recommend using Grease Gun*)
Modular, UZ, Series II & AirMax™ Trimmers: lubricate blade, housing & pinion, fill grease cup.

AirShirz®: lubricate drive roller and servo link.

UZ: lubricate gear head assembly.
143631 14 oz. Cartridge Solid Lubricant
(used in standard grease gun: not supplied by Bettcher)
163328 25 pack - 14oz. Cartridges Solid Lubricant
(used in standard grease gun: not supplied by Bettcher)
100640 35lb. bucket Solid Lubricant
185546 Yes 4 oz. Tube Solid Lubricant DuraLite flex shafts: lubricate.
185548 12 oz. Cartridge Solid Lubricant
Casing Maintenance Kit
(WhizLube™ Spray)
173519 Yes 11.25 oz. Aerosol Can Aerosol Lubricant DuraLite flex shafts: lubricate.
Pint of Oil 103603 Yes Pint Bottle Liquid AirMax™ & UZ Trimmers: lubricate motor.

FRL (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator): lubricate.
MaxZLube™ Grease 184282 Yes 4 oz. Tube Solid Lubricant - High performance AirMax™: lubricate gear head assembly.
*Grease Gun 113415   1 Gun Accessory For use with 8oz. Tube (100608)
Planetary Gear
Grease Gun
113326   Needle Nose Accessory Use with 4 oz. Tube (184282) & 8 oz. Tube (100608).

AirMax™ & UZ Trimmers: lubricate planetary gears.

AirShirz®: lubricate drive roller and servo link.