Bettcher Manufacturing Capabilities

manufacturingBettcher Industries has received its Certificate of Approval stating that it has been approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance Limited (LRQA) to the following Quality Management System Standards, as it applies to the "Design, Manufacture, and Service of Machinery for the Food Processing Industry, Including Trimmers, Powered Shears, Cutting Blades and Sharpening Equipment, and Automatic Batter Breading Systems".

ISO 9001:2008

This ISO certificationserves as a recognition of the hard work and continuing support for quality by all of our employees, and represents the kind of commitment to its customers that has always been the tradition of Bettcher Industries, Inc.

QUALITY POLICY: "Quality Without Compromise"

  1. Meet or exceed the express or implied functional, delivery, and value expectations of the customer ISO9001 2009

  2. Meet or exceed statutory, social, or regulatory requirement

  3. Provide cost and performance benefit to the customer in the execution of his business

Quality can be assured through a process of continuous improvement which is an integral part of all functional disciplines, beginning at the earliest stages of product development and continuing through final installation and use by the customer. Assessments, preventive actions, effective feedback, and timely corrective actions are essential elements of continuous quality improvement activities.

A quality process which meets or exceeds the requirements of international quality system standards has been defined to ensure the effective implementation of this Quality Policy. Quality performance reporting will be used by management to measure the success of the quality process, and will serve to guide improvement efforts.

Every employee is responsible for quality in the performance of his/her work, and will measure his/her performance against established quality objectives. The resources, tools, and training required to meet these objective have been provided, and are periodically assessed for effectiveness.

Partnership within our organization, with our customers, and with our suppliers, is necessary to ensure continuous improvement and that products and services meet or exceed specified requirements.

Assurance of product quality will be provided to our customers and our management through measurement, analysis, and periodic reporting of statistical data.

Customer satisfaction is the measure by which we determine our success.

Laurence A. Bettcher
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer