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Whizard® Series II Trimmers:

The World's Most Popular Meat Processing and Trimming Equipment

Whizard® Trimmer meat cutting knives and processing equipmentWhy are Whizard® Series II Trimmers so popular with meat and pork processors all over the world? The answer is simple: They deliver significant yield and productivity improvements in meat processing everywhere they're used.

As the pioneer and industry leader in meat processing, we know trimmer technology like no one else. We've continually expanded and refined our cutting technology and product offerings over many years. Today, Whizard® Trimmers deliver a solution for nearly every conceivable trimming application for meat, poultry, seafood, even vegetables.

If you're serious about improving your plant's bottom-line performance, Whizard® Trimmers should be part of your meat processing operations. It pays – we'll prove it!

Whizard Trimmers and Meat Trimming Precision By Design

The ingenious design of Whizard® Series II Trimmers (sometimes called "round knives" or "circular knives") allows workers to perform the jobs straight meat cutting knives can't do efficiently or well.

The deep knowledge and technical leadership we bring to your operation results in distinct, measurable yield, ergonomic, and productivity improvements you can't obtain any other way.

Which Whizard Trimmer Adds Value to My Application?

The right answers are often different from one meat processor to another. That's why we work closely with every customer to determine the best combination of trimmer sizes, blade styles and other ergonomic accessories that will best solve individual meat processing challenges.
Meat cutting equipment handles and ergonomic accessories

Learn about the most popular meat trimming applications for Whizard® Series II Trimmers.

Click on your species below:

In addition to these popular applications, our Bettcher Yield Specialists can work with you to determine any custom meat cutting equipment solutions you may need to achieve your yield enhancement goals.

Fitting the Whizard Trimmers to the Operator

Each worker on the meat processing line is an individual with unique physical attributes. For that reason, we have designed Whizard® Series II Trimmers with numerous features that provide utmost flexibility and comfort and personal choices, including:

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Five Handle Sizesall made with a vibration-absorbing material to provide additional comfort and keep hands warmer than metal handles. The bidirectional grip design improves tool handling by adding “traction” for your hand.  For handle diameters click here. For handle part numbers click here.


Optional thumb support provides additional control and comfort.


Adjustable Thumb Support – A thumb support can be added to your Whizard Trimmers for improved trimmer control – very helpful for some applications.



Micro-Break Strap – Supporting the hand during production use, this strap allows operators to relax their fingers between work cycles while still maintaining control over the trimmer. This highly beneficial feature reduces risks associated with hand stress. (Used only with flanged handles.)



Steeling Device – Available on select models, this push-button device steels the inside blade edge, removing the rolled edge for improved trimming performance and reduced cutting effort.




Quick-Disconnects – A spring-loaded lever that fits inside the handle instantly stops the trimmer whenever an operator's hand-grip is released. This feature contributes to additional worker safety.


Left or Right Hand Operation – Most Whizard Trimmers may be ordered for either left or right hand operation.

In addition to offering and demonstrating a wide range of trimming applications for beefporkpoultry and seafood, our Bettcher Yield Specialists can work with you to determine any custom solutions you might require to meet your yield enhancement requirements.

Whizard Trimmer Series II Trimming System Overview Brochure

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