Get yield-enhancing pork processing products

More blades. More depth gauges.
More ways to optimize your pork processing yields.

Whizard® Trimmers are the proven way to dramatically increase meat yields and worker productivity of your pork processing. For over half a century, Bettcher has been developing a wide array of trimmer sizes, blades, depth gauges and motors that allow us to offer practical, value-enhancing solutions for almost any pork trimming application. We've even developed special blades and parts for individual plants to help them meet profit goals for specific pork trimming applications. Click here to download a flyer of common Pork Trimming Applications.

Contact us! We can help you find new ways to improve your pork processing yields and productivity. Here are some examples of Whizard® Trimmer successful applications:

Tail Removal

Surface Bellies

Pork Aitch

Stick Wounds

Button Bones

Precise Stamp Removal

Recovering Lean

Seam Fat Removal

Skin Patching

Picnic Removal

Neckbones - Recovering Lean

Pork Mark Temple

Internal Ham Defatting

External Ham Defatting

Removing Diaphragms

Facing Bellies

Tenderloin Removal

Belly Finish Defatting

Recovering Lean

Pork Snouts

Ham Trimming Tool

Mark Temple

Cheeking Heads

Boneless Loins

Efficient Contamination Trim

Bone-In Loins Defatting

Backing Heads

Ham Trimming

Prosciutto Ham Trimming Tool

Cheeking Heads

Boneless Loins

Pork Butts