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Whizard® Gyro Knife Helps Operators Reduce Food Costs, Save Labor and Provide Faster Food Service

powerknife1Birmingham, Oh., June, 2010 — The Whizard® Gyro Knife from Bettcher Industries delivers faster, easier and more consistent gyros and shawarma sandwiches, souflaki and donner kabobs. By enabling operators to prepare an average of 25 more sandwiches per 30-lb. cone of meat, the Gyro Knife helps reduce food costs while saving labor and speeding up food service for customers.

Bettcher’s Gyro Knife cuts longer, thinner slices of meat for a fuller, better-looking sandwich, even while increasing sandwich yields an average of 25%. For typical operators, this translates into hundreds of dollars in food savings each week, enabling them to easily recoup their equipment investment in increased yields alone.

Engineered for comfort and safety as well as for productivity, the Gyro Knife reduces operator muscle fatigue as it glides effortlessly across the cone. Using the specially engineered adjustable depth gauge, operators can regulate and control the overall quality, consistency and thickness of the meat slices far more accurately when compared to using a conventional straight knife. Bettcher’s unique rotating circular blade works in conjunction with the depth gauge to produce uniform meat slices, sandwich after sandwich.

With the Gyro Knife, even untrained employees can quickly learn the art of preparing consistent, great-looking gyros sandwiches for customers. A safety shut-off feature reduces the risk of injury while promoting safe operation. The Gyro Knife is also very easy to sharpen, clean and maintain, and its rugged construction will provide years of trouble-free operation.

The Gyro Knife is one of numerous trimming tools available from Bettcher Industries, the pioneer in this product segment. Established in 1944, Bettcher Industries is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative precision cutting tools for food service, food processing operations and industrial applications, with sales and service operations in more than 50 countries worldwide. For more information about the Whizard® Gyro Knife, call (440) 965-4422, e-mail your request to, or visit

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