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Meat Trimmer Technology Redefined

Introducing Bettcher Quantum®:  The World's Most Productive and Profitable Meat Trimming System

Quantum High Speed Meat Trimming System

At Bettcher Industries, we make it our business to listen to meat processors and respond to their needs. When it comes to meat trimmers and trimming systems, you've told us what you want:

  • You want trimming procedures to be simpler and more productive.
  • You want more efficiency with fewer parts to manage.
  • You want a lower cost of operation.

Not only that, you want all of these great new benefits without sacrificing high meat yields, product quality of bottom-line profits. 

And we responded!

After years of meticulous development and in-plant testing, we're pleased to introduce Bettcher Quantum®, the world's most innovative, low-maintenance meat trimmer system.

We've proven that you really can "have it all" by building a completely new trimming system from the ground up.

A system that's easier, more intuitive and more cost-effective than ever, and one that's the most productive and profitable available anywhere

You can see how we tackled the needs of real customers by viewing our Bettcher Quantum case studies..

Here's How the Bettcher Quantum® Meat Trimmer System will Benefit Your Meat Processing Operation

Increase your meat yields for virtually any bone scraping or cleaning application.When you consider the many benefits the Bettcher Quantum Trimmer System will deliver to your beef or pork processing line, it's easy to see how it all adds up to more power, more productivity and more profits:

  • Increased meat yields
  • More productivity with faster, easier cutting procedures – even for the toughest meat trimming applications
  • Easy, uncomplicated tool use, with less operator training needs and more worker safety
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Fewer components to replace and parts inventories to manage
  • Better energy efficiency

The bottom-line result?

Your Bettcher Quantum Trimmer System will deliver the lowest long-term cost of operation.

And it's all brought to you by the world trimming pioneer, based on years of research and rigorous field testing.

Learn More!

Click on the following links to learn more about the amazing productive performance of our meat trimmer, the new Bettcher Quantum Trimmer System:

Increase your yields in lean meat recovery from bone trimming operations, such as beef or pork neck bones, aitch bones, feather bones and more.  The Bettcher Quantum Q620 brings speed and productivity to your bone cleaning, lean meat recovery operations.  

Specially designed for demanding defatting operations the Bettcher Quantum Q1000 Series of defatting trimmers bring a higher level of precision, speed and productivity for important applications such as contamination trim, beef defatting, ham defatting, fat shaping, hot beef defatting, and primal fat shaping.  Click here to see the next dimension in defatting for meat processing operations. 

Cutting big meat processing jobs down to size is the Bettcher Quantum Motor delivering maximum blade speed and torque to meat processing applications worldwide.  Click here to see the new intelligent drive Bettcher Quantum Motor. 

A major innovation in meat trimmer flex shafts and casing is the Bettcher Quantum Driveline.  Innovative sealed casing requires zero maintenance in how it brings high-speed torque that converts to maximum blade speed for improved speeds and productivity in meat processing.  Click here to see how the Bettcher Quantum Driveline reduces time and labor in meat processing.  

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