Scissor Sharpening Equipment for Increased Life and Labor Savings

EdgeKing™ scissor sharpening equipmentBettcher Industries brings new technology to scissor and blade sharpening by designing out the biggest weakness of most sharpeners' stone-grinding wheels. Conventional stone grinding wheels are ground away and get smaller with usage. Since the grinding angles are constantly changing, excess blade material is removed and edge quality and scissors life suffers.

The EdgeKing™ scissor sharpening equipment eliminates the problem of shrinking grinding wheels with a unique long-life cubic borazon nitride (CBN) coated steel wheel.  Since blades are sharpened at the same angle every time, less blade material is removed, resulting in up to 30% more scissor life.

Additionally, to make consistent blade sharpening up to 20% faster, EdgeKing™ uses a patented, rotating blade clamping system so blades are clamped just once to grind, steel and buff the entire blade edge – all at the proper blade angle.

Customers get more scissor life with the EdgeKing™ Scissor Sharpening System.  No other scissor sharpening equipment delivers faster, more consistent or more accurate performance than the EdgeKing™.   Here’s how it quickly pays for itself!

Extends Scissor Life Three Ways

1. Same angle grinding:  Conventional stone grinding wheels get ground away with usage, so blade angles are constantly changing.  Long life cubic borazon nitride (CBN) coated steel grinding wheel is not ground away with usage.  Since blades are sharpened at the same angle every time, less blade material is removed for longer scissors life.

Scissor sharpener blade grinding

2. Fewer sharpenings:  Optimum blade sharpness means scissors don't need to be sharpened as often.

3.  Buff, don't grind:  Because the EdgeKing™ provides a consistently sharper edge, the only maintenance typically needed is to buff the blade, thus eliminating the blade removing and sharpening step.

Scissor sharpener blade buffing


20% Faster Scissors Sharpening - Labor Savings

The powerful EdgeKing™ scissor sharpener has many innovative features that cut your sharpening, time over 20%!  Here's how:

  1. Fewer steps:  Our patented rotating blade clamping system allows blades to be clamped just once to grind, steel and buff the entire blade edge.  Additionally, since a steel is mounted directly on the EdgeKing™, less time and motion is required for optimum blade sharpening.  In fact, many operators report a 20% reduction in sharpening time compared to their previous method of scissor sharpening. 
  2. Fewer passes:  Because the scissor blades are sharpened at the same angle every time, fewer grinding passes may be required.    
  3. Fewer grindings:  Many EdgeKing™ owners tell us they've reduced sharpening scissors from two or three times to just once.  Operators are out on the line working, not walking back and forth to the sharpening room changing out dull, poorly sharpened scissors.
  4. Long lasting grinder wheels:  EdgeKing™ CBN coated steel (not stone) grinding wheels last significantly longer (fewer changes), and never needs dressing. EdgeKing™ grinding wheels may also be re-coated. 
  5. Performance power:  The heavy-duty motor with a durable industrial capacitor won't bog down under normal load conditions - or burn out even with repeated overloading.  
  6. Buffing vs. sharpening:  Customers tell us that with EdgeKing™ scissor sharpening equipment, they don't need to grind scissor blades every day.  A simple buffing is all that's required to restore the edge.  The heavy-duty motor makes buffing more effective because it doesn't stall or bog down. Save time and labor, and extend scissor blade life!


Straight and Curved Blade Sharpening

EdgeKing sharpens straight blades up to 16" long.

Extend the life of all your straight and curved blades.  The EdgeKing™, uses a unique floating arm and blade guide that makes it easy to sharpen even curved blades, as well as blades up to 16” long. 

Put the EdgeKing™ Scissor Sharpener to work in your plant and start enjoying longer blade life, longer lasting, sharper edges and reduced sharpening time.

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