Yield Specialists

Working with you to find hidden profits in your plant


At Bettcher Industries, we don't hire salespeople.  Instead, we have experienced industry professionals who know your business and speak your language.   We visit you often … and we make plant visits during first, second and third shifts so we can deliver a higher level of customer service.  Here's what makes us unique in the value we deliver each and every day:

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INDUSTRY & TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE - We work with many segments including beef, pork, poultry and fish … as well as foodservice, taxidermy, industrial applications and the retail trade.

TRAINING - We provide hands-on training for operators, maintenance and knife room personnel, etc. 

- We work with you in your plant to show you how to improve yields and processes.  Demonstration videos are also available for most applications.

YIELD MANAGEMENT - We have deep knowledge of how to improve yields.  We can calculate your current yields and advise on yield improvement potential.

ROI ANALYSIS - We've developed ROI calculations for specific trimmer applications to show how you can improve your plant's profits.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Support is just a phone call away.  “Real people” answer the phone and give you real answers.  They know the products … and they know what you're using in your plant.

PURCHASING & SERVICE HISTORY - Information is collected and may be retrieved through our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, providing information on your company upon request.  

SERVICE NEWSLETTER - Our quarterly newsletter provides helpful equipment tips for production line managers and maintenance personnel.

PARTS - We manufacture and continuously stock all critical wear parts.  We carry many parts with us in the field.

ORDERS & DELIVERIES - Most parts orders received in the morning ship the very same day.

ISO 9001-CERTIFIED FACILITIES - Our Ohio plant manufactures and QC-inspects equipment and parts.  

LONGEVITY - The average employee tenure at Bettcher Industries is more than 16 years.  Our Yield Specialists collectively have more than 90 years of industry experience … our Sales Office staff collectively have over 80 years of experience at the company.