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What does it mean to be an innovator?

It means listening … then devising practical, real-world solutions to problems.

That’s The Bettcher Approach … from our earliest days, nearly seven decades ago, when we pioneered new ways to increase productivity, yields and profits in the meat processing industry. Today, you’ll find The Bettcher Approach benefiting customers in many fields, from food processing and foodservice to numerous industrial and medical segments. It’s much more than just a business philosophy:  It delivers real benefits in the form of better productivity … better operations … and improved bottom-line financial performance for your business.  At Bettcher, we put the customer at the center of everything we do.

Quantum Midsize Trimmer 1880 New!  Bettcher Quantum® Midsize Trimmers for No-Hassle Defatting and Muscle Cutting

Continuing the expansion of our revolutionary Bettcher Quantum® Trimmer System offerings, new midsize trimmers are now available for muscle-cutting and defatting applications. 

Engineered to deliver more meat yield than ever before while also improving product quality and improving worker productivity, they’re the perfect solution for a host of important pork, beef and poultry applications. 

Click here to see just some of the trimming applications that are easier, more effective and more profitable thanks to Bettcher Quantum Midsize Trimmers. The closer you look, the more value you’ll discover!

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 “Bettcher Bytes” Blog – Interesting Company and Industry News

Keep up with all the Bettcher news and key industry trends with the “Bettcher Bytes” blog.  The blog touches on a broad range of topics pertaining to food processors and the food processing industry. Our focus is on providing “quick read” news that is timely, informative, and worth passing along to your colleagues.Bettcher-Byte-Blog-SIdebar

What sort of topics does our blog cover?  A little bit of everything, such as:

  • Important industry and regulatory developments
  • How processors are improving their plant operations
  • Changing trends in consumer tastes for various types of food products and menu items

In our ongoing dealings with processors of beef, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood products throughout North America and beyond, we’re learning about the ways they’re improving their plant operations, enhancing worker productivity, and driving more profits to the bottom line. Through the use of trimming technology and other meat processing products and techniques, some plants are achieving dramatic improvements.

We invite you to visit our blog, join in the conversation, and to come back regularly.  We post fresh news items each week that are designed to educate and inform.  And to make sure you don’t miss new posts, be sure to sign up for e-alerts which we’re happy to send to you whenever new articles are uploaded.

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Yield-optimizing trimming and cutting tools and systems for meat, poultry, seafood and other food processing applications.  The early pioneer … and still the world’s clear market leader. red arrow


Innovative, productivity-enhancing systems and equipment for foodservice kitchens … including batter-breading machines, winner of the 2012 Kitchen Innovations Award from the National Restaurant Association. red arrow


Improving worker speed, precision, safety and ergonomics in industrial cutting procedures for wire, composites, rubber and many other materials. red arrow


Pushing the boundaries of precision-medical practice in skin and bone debridement … simplifying procedures and dramatically reducing processing time. red arrow