The Optimax® Breading Machine

The easiest way to deliver the freshest breaded foods, at the lowest cost

Optimax Breading Machine delivers freshly breaded foods locally sourcedIn today's market, what keeps customers coming back is fresh food at a great value. While everyone agrees that fresh is best, there has never been an easy way to prepare signature breaded products.

Until the introduction of our batter-breading machines, there were two choices when it came to preparing breaded foods: Buy expensive, pre-breaded frozen products from someone else ... or hand-bread them using the same centuries-old, inefficient, messy and labor-intensive method.

Today, with increasingly high ingredient costs as well as the need to deliver quality to customers, we're changing the way people think about preparing breaded foods!

Consistent Breading Perfection

Hand-breading is messy, tedious, slow work. The Optimax® breading machine is exactly the opposite ... using technology, food is breaded the same way cook to cook, shift to shift and store to store.

Here’s how:
  1. Rotation of the batter conveyor keeps the liquid batter constantly mixed
  2. The batter wheel moistens each piece precisely, time after time
  3. The breading belt keeps the seasoning and breading constantly mixed and helps break up dough balls
  4. As the belt goes around, breading is carried to the top of the conveyor where paddles create a ‘wave’ of breading that completely coats the product
  5. Vibrator springs shake off excess breading, optimizing your breading usage. This important feature prevents excess breading from blowing off in the fryer, which reduces oil life

Optimize Your Labor

The Optimax® works three times faster than hand-breading, enabling one person to do the job of three – and do it far faster and more consistently. That saves on labor costs – even with higher minimum wage rates.  Read more why fry cooks love the Optimax.

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Lowers Breading Costs and Extends Oil Life

vibrator springs shake off excess breadingTo optimize your ingredient savings, the ingenious use of vibrator springs on the breading conveyor shakes off excess breading. Imagine that ... a feature that automatically prevents surplus breading from being wasted and ending up in the fryer! Additionally, the conveyor belt returns excess breading and breaks up many of the dough balls for reuse. This signature feature can reduce breading consumption up to 40%.

Plus, when breaded items are placed in the fryer, there's less 'blow off' of breading into the oil, which degrades the oil. The Optimax® breading machine prevents burnt, dark oil with unpalatable taste … and increases oil life up to 10%.

Save up to 50% over the Cost of Pre-Breaded Frozen Foods

There's a reason pre-breaded frozen foods cost a lot more: you're being charged for convenience. Why pay more for the bland taste of frozen? Put control over the cost and quality of breaded foods back where it belongs — in your hands!

Special-Recipe Breading Builds Brand Identity and Customer Loyalty

In today's crowded, fast-changing foodservice marketplace, doesn't it make sense to create, prepare and serve fresh-breaded items with your own signature flavor and appeal? That's exactly what our batter-breading systems let you do — efficiently and cost-effectively!

Space-Saving Mobile Breading Station

Mobile breading station for batter breading machineFoodservice kitchens are always busy and filled with equipment and people servicing customers. The Optimax breading machine is less than 18" wide and most every kitchen can find a place for this high volume production machine. Where space is at a premium, a mobil cart is available custom designed for the efficient production of onion rings. Shelves fold out and there are places for everything you need to produce the best tasting onion rings you have ever servered your customers. Click here for mobile breading station spec sheet.

A Machine for Every Need

We've spent more than a decade developing a space-saving, compact breading machine flexible and efficient enough to bread almost anything that goes into a fryer - even with high production volume requirements. There is a single- and double-sided machine to match whatever volume or product you need to bread. The Optimax® is easy to operate and easy on your back, so your employees will love it too. In addition, quick, simple disassembly for hand- or machine-washing makes cleanup fast and thorough.

Batter Breading Machine Spec Sheets: