DuraSift® Breading Tables Lower Owership Costs

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Bettcher Foodservice Introduces DuraSift Breading Tables

dura sift tableBirmingham, Oh., July 8, 2009 — Bettcher Industries, Inc., a leading worldwide manufacturer of equipment for food processing and foodservice operations, announces the introduction of new DuraSift® breading/blending tables. These tables build on proven technology while incorporating additional performance features and enhancements that make them the most efficient, user-friendly equipment on the market today

The DuraSift® breading table reduces the cost of ownership for foodservice operators while improving sifting efficiency and enhancing the overall quality and consistency of fresh-breaded items such as fried chicken, fish filets, country fried steaks, veggies and other foods.

The breading/blending table is engineered to blend and sift flour quickly, efficiently and effortlessly. The highly effective to-and-fro action of the sifter ensures an even blending and distribution of spices and other ingredients throughout the breading mixture. In addition, the unique oscillating sifting basket and automatic separator break down more dough balls for increased efficiency, while capturing more reusable breading.

With DuraSift® equipment, foodservice operators are assured that the final product will conform to their exact specifications, with no variation in the taste or texture of the breading. Accomplishing this will satisfy customer demands for consistent taste and quality in the menu items they receive – from order to order, visit to visit, and store to store.

bettcher durasift breading-tableThe sifter and blending table is engineered to perform well and stand up to the rigors of the foodservice kitchen environment, beginning with its solid stainless steel construction plus a heavy-duty motor. The dough ball separator and stainless steel sifter perform with maximum efficiency and deliver long-life durability. Importantly, the sifting mechanism is not of the conventional brush-and-bar design, and therefore never loses its efficiency over time.

Moreover, the unique, patented split-lug design features two plastic lugs that are far lighter and easier to lift to return flour to the top breading lug. Compared to conventional large single lug designs of other breading tables, the DuraSift® equipment is easier and safer for employees to operate. The equipment also operates more quietly – and vibration-free – during daily operation, while having fewer wear parts to monitor and replace makes the cost of ownership significantly lower over time.

As an added benefit, equipment cleaning is easy with the DuraSift® breading table. No tools are necessary to remove the sifter assembly for cleaning, and all components are easily accessible from the front. All removable components are dishwasher-safe for cleaning.

According to Jim Wallace, Foodservice Group Director at Bettcher Industries, the introduction of DuraSift® breading tables adds to the company’s broad product line solutions for foodservice operators who want the distinction of preparing and serving fresh-breaded menu items. “Our Optimax® automated batter breading machines are extremely popular with customers,” Wallace said. “And now with the introduction of DuraSift™, we’re offering superior-performing sifters and breading tables, enabling us to deliver advanced technology and productivity in one powerful, convenient package.”

For more details on DuraSift® breading tables as well as the complete line of batter breading equipment from Bettcher Industries, including warranty information, call 800-321-8763 or e-mail your request to info@bettcher.com. You may also visit www.bettcher.com/foodservice.htm/

Established in 1944, Bettcher Industries, Inc. brings more than five decades of successful innovation to the food processing and foodservice industries. The company is a leading developer and manufacturer of innovative precision cutting tools for the food processing segment. It also makes a variety of products including the Whizard® Power KnifeOptimax® batter-breading machines, and DuraSift® breading tables that are used in restaurants and other foodservice operations. Headquartered in the United States, Bettcher Industries is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company with manufacturing, distribution and service in more than 50 countries throughout the world.

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