Electric Gyro Knife: Faster, Easier and Consistent Preparation

Gyros Sandwiches, Shawarma, or Donner Kabobs

Bettcher electric gyro knife cuts perfectly long, thin slices for a better flavor profile.In the foodservice business today, you need every edge you can get.  The Whizard® Gyro Knife gives you that edge in three of the most important aspects of your business:  consistent, customer-pleasing quality; significantly more sandwiches per cone; and better productivity — even from new employees.

Bettcher’s Whizard Gyro Knife cuts longer, thinner slices for a better looking sandwich. The Whizard Gyro Knife is designed to reduce muscle fatigue, enable quick slicing and increase productivity from employees. Compare Bettcher’s Whizard Gyro Knife to a regular straight knife. You’ll find you can obtain an average of 25 additional sandwiches per cone.

How fast is the electric gyro knife? Only the Whizard Gyro Knife has the ability to cut both in an up and down direction. Here is a fun video by one of our customers who proclaims himself "The Fastest Gyro Cutter in America"! See for yourself watching this video.

Delight your customers with a gyro sandwich that looks great...and makes your bottom line look even better!

Not only does the Whizard Gyro Knife cut longer, thinner slices  for a fuller, better–looking sandwich...compared to an ordinary straight knife it also yields 25% more output — an average of 25 additional sandwiches per 30 lb. cone!

To see how much you can save, click here to view an Electric Gyro Knife ROI Example Sheet.

Designed for Safety and Comfort

The Whizard Gyro Knife is engineered to reduce muscle fatigue. A safety shut-off feature minimizes the risk of injury. Sharpening and cleaning are fast and easy, too.

Simple, Virtually Effortless OperationElectric gyro knife makes cutting long, thin strips of meat quick and easy.

  • New employees quickly learn how to slice with the gyro knife.  That adds up to more productivity ... and faster service for customers.
  • Adjustable depth gauge controlling overall quality, consistency and slice thickness is easier and far more accurate than using an ordinary straight knife. You decide the thickness, and Gyro Knife does the rest.

Gyros, Shawarma, Donner Kabobs. No matter what you call the sandwich, the payoffs are the same in any language: a more attractive product, more sandwiches per cone, more consistent quality, no more highly paid workers, and all-around better productivity. To receive a free video, call or e-mail us today. Phone: (800) 321-8763 or (440) 965-4422.

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