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A dramatic new advancement in mobile fleshing technology.

new_un84_motorMastering the taxidermist's art takes skill and practice. Even the most skilled taxidermists face challenges – such as when a customer brings in a "project" that is poorly skinned that requires an extensive degree of physical labor to properly prepare the hide or cape for tanning.

In addition, hides with a high degree of fat cover are heavy and awkward to flesh. Using conventional fleshing machines and a fleshing knife requires a vigorous workout to scrape away congealed fat and membranes.

Moreover, fleshing machines are imprecise; bringing a large fatty hide to a stationary whirling blade will not always deliver consistent quality results. Also, there's always the risk that the fleshing blade will cut too deeply into the skin, loosening the hair follicles and causing the fur to pull out.

Up until now, these challenges had no easy solution. But that's all changed now! The new Whizard® Trimmer can solve these and many other fleshing challenges. Available in electric or pneumatic fleshing knives and containing special design features so unique they're patented, our Whizard® Trimmer represents the first major technological advancement in the taxidermist's trade in years – truly a breakthrough in improving the ease and precision of fleshing operations.

Whizard Flesher Cuts tough jobs down to size.

Whizard® Trimmer fleshing tools use on a bear hide

With the mobile Whizard® Trimmer, you bring the fleshing tool to the hide for improved speed, mobility and control - with just a fraction of the physical effort of traditional processes. By introducing additional speed and efficiency into your operation, you can now take on more projects – including what used to be those dreaded “make good” projects – for more productivity and more profits.

How the Whizard® Trimmer works:

The fast-rotating, circular blade of the Whizard® fleshing knife cuts through heavy fat and membrane quickly and precisely.  As long as the hide is pulled tight, the blade will glide almost effortlessly across the skin, while the fur on the back side provides elasticity from the cutting edge of the blade.  Even though fat tends to congeal and make the work difficult in conventional fleshing operations, the Whizard® Trimmer has the power and mobility to cut through the fat quickly and precisely.

Whizard® Trimmer AdvantagesWhizard® fleshing knife increases mobility

Consider all the ways the Whizard® Flesher saves labor while enhancing productivity of the fleshing operation:
  • Rapid removal of the fat cover quickly fleshes out a hide.
  • A highly maneuverable fleshing tool, it can go around edges and into small detail areas up to the edge-face zone on most types of skins.
  • Reduces the amount of hand-detail required - even around lips and eyes.
  • Simple and easy to operate, with less fatigue and stress on the operator.

Other Operating Advantages

The advantages of using the Whizard® Flesher in the many taxidermy operations that go well beyond labor-savings, including:Fleshing knife detail
  • Easy to use – bringing the fleshing knife to the hide, not the hide to the flesher, takes most of the physical effort out of the fleshing process.
  • The cutting operation can be performed on a flat surface, making cuts easier and cleaner.
  • Greater control and accuracy – lightweight and maneuverable, the Whizard® Trimmer works well even in detail areas.
  • The Whizard® Flesher "de-skills" the job, so even new operators can become proficient quickly.
  • With the Whizard® Flesher, you now have the ability to process more skins in less time.
  • Even difficult hides like bear skins, can be tamed with the productive power of the Whizard® Fleshing tools.

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It pays.  We’ll Prove it.

When you consider all the advantages the Whizard® Trimmer offers, it adds up to one result:  it's an investment that will pay for itself many times over.  And our specialists will show you how.   Contact us today!

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